Kerne.milk is a Copenhagen based brand founded by Marie Mark, 2019. Kerne.milk’s ambition is to create clothing that embraces the body and experiments with different kinds of materials and work with combining textiles in a new and fun way.

With Marie’s background in tailoring and costume design in films, Kerne.milk started by all styles being developed and sewn by hand at our little studio in Maries apartment which made every piece unique.

At Kerne.milk we design clothes with a minimal waste policy. Our vision is to build a better tomorrow through sustainable clothing. Our garments are launched in ‘Editions’ and not in collections nor seasons, as we try to give our clothing a longer lifetime and keep the clothes’ relevance up to the costumer and not the fashion industries outtake on seasons. All our editions contain forgotten dead stock materials, that keeps us from producing any fabrics ourselves.

Our mentality lies in repurposing and giving new life to already existing materials. All our clothes are made in Denmark at Sylab, Ikast if not by our selves in our studio. Kerne.milk also work in collaboration with Huset Venture wich is a socio-economic non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with mental, physical or social barriers. 
Further more we collect our cutoffs from our larger editions and continuously design ‘One of a kind’ styles we sew by hand in our studio at Nørrebro Copenhagen. These smaller ‘Scrap’ editions are launched on our website to make sure we produce minimum waste.


Our vision lies within the garments. We truly believe that by up-cycling and reusing exciting materials,

we can repurpose forgotten quality materials and create long loved and lasting items.